Music Therapy for Dementia: Unleashing the Power of Melodies

Dementia is a condition in which the patient experiences difficulty remembering events, thinking coherently, and even performing everyday tasks. Dementia can be triggered by direct or indirect damage to brain nerve cells caused by various diseases or injuries. We don’t have any direct cure for Dementia, but there are some methods that can ease the […]

Assistive Devices for Seniors in Memory Care

It’s painful to see your aged loved ones gradually losing all their memory and their wrinkly faces no more curving up with a smile when they see you. Dementia can be intimidating and scary for the caregiver and the person suffering from it. Although there is no known treatment for dementia, recent technological advancements are […]

Cognitive Exercises & Games to Stimulate Memory Retention in Seniors

Memory and cognitive health are essential aspects of living a fulfilling and independent life. But with age, it is natural to face memory decline and other related problems. If your senior loved one is also struggling with cognitive difficulties, it is time to help them deal with those through stimulating games and activities. This blog […]